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Ornamental Grasses

Expert Landscaping Services Designed by Coloradoans, for Coloradoans

Ensure your landscape is built to withstand Colorado’s harsh climate with your local experts at Kodiak Landscaping.

Whatever your dream landscape looks like, we’re here to help you make it a reality—but crafting the perfect outdoor space isn’t just about aesthetics…

Colorado’s hot, dry summers and freezing cold winters will tear up a landscape that isn’t built for our unique climate.

That’s why knowledge of native plants, their ideal placement, maintenance, and care, is a cornerstone of our business. To that end, we work closely with our clients to choose a full spectrum of products (pavers, sod, masonry, etc.) that can endure Colorado’s harsh weather.

The bottom line is, we build landscapes that strike a balance between form and function—because your landscape shouldn’t just look beautiful, it should be built to last too.

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